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Birds for Sale

A rotating assortment of birds will be for sale throughout the year as I travel to bird fairs ranging from Ohio to Michigan to Pennsylvania. I can never guarantee when pairs of birds will nest, but there is a steady variety annually. Depending on how useful this page is in informing buyers of my selection of birds, I may update it prior to each Bird Fair during the year. For now, it shows a percentage of the birds which will be available in Monroeville in October. Your feedback and questions are welcome!

The following descriptions correspond with the photos below and are a sample of the available birds at the October 2019 Monroeville bird fair:

  • Two pairs of Parrot Finch: Both males are are seagreen, heavily pied. One female pied seagreen; one female pied red face. $250 each pair
  • Shafttails: 2 available, $60 each
  • Blueface Parrot (Pied) Finches, $200 for pair, (possible offspring includes dark-eyed yellow chicks)
  • Mix of Button Quail: Speckled, Normal Wild, Painted Silver. 8-10 available; $10 each
  • Indian Silverbill: 5 available, $40 each
  • Diamond Firetails: 3 available, $100 each
  • Starfinch: males, 2 available, $75 each
  • Java Sparrow: $50 each
  • Canaries: all males; yellow 3 yr old $50, others less than 1 yr $70 each

Thank you to everyone who attended the OHPA bird show in Monroeville on October 19, 2019.
Next Bird Show: Spring 2020

Location & date will be posted here soon. Several weeks prior to the next show an updated listing of Available Birds will be posted with photos and pricing.

Periodically during the winter months I will have birds ready to sell depending on nesting and maturity. If you are interested in a specific bird please contact me at any time with questions regarding availability.

Parrot Finch pair #1
Blueface Parrot Finch (#1 of pair)
Blueface Parrot Finch (#2 of pair)
Parrot Finch pair #2
10 day old Button Quail (2 months old at Monroeville)
Indian Silverbills
15 day old Button Quail
Diamond Firetails
Starfinch (young; faces will get more red with age)
Java Finch
Canaries, all males (yellow is 3 yrs old)
Canaries (males under a year old)
Button Quail: Normal Wild and Painted Silver, 5 weeks
Button Quail: Painted Silver, 5 weeks
Button Quail: Red Breasted and Painted Silver, 5 weeks